On-vehicle movie overlaying vehicle information using CANUSB

I overlaid various vehicle information (i.e. speed, rpm, and so on) extracted by CANUSB on my on-vehicle movie.


At first, I tried to use information posted by Madox.NET, but unfortunately HS-CAN Data extracted by my RX-8 look totally different from Madox’s one.

I’m not sure why there are big differences. But one possible reason is that Madox’s RX-8 is AT. My RX-8 is 2007 5MT model.

  • RPM: ID 0x201, (data[0] * 256 + data[1]) / 4
  • Vehicle Speed(km/h): ID 0x201, (data[4] * 256 + data[5] – 10000) / 100
  • Accel Throttle Position(0 – 255): ID 0x201, data[6]
  • Hand Brake(on/off): ID 0x212, (data[4] & 0x40)
  • Foot Brake(on/off): ID 0x212, (data[5] & 0x08)
  • Declutching(on/off): ID 0x231, (data[0] & 0xf0)
  • Engine Coolant Temp(degree celsius): ID 0x240, data[3] – 40
  • Intake Air Temp(degree celsius): ID 0x250, data[3] – 40

Here is what I analyzed.

I want to extract some more information such as steering column angle, but I haven’t yet.


I used Apple’s Quartz Composer for overlaying information.