DarwiinRemote and WiiRemoteFramework 0.4 have been released!

Hi all,
We’ve just released DarwiinRemote 0.4 and WiiRemoteFramework 0.4.

New features of DarwiinRemote are…

  • supports Nunchuk (sorry still not Classic Controller, but will support soon)
  • supports custom key mappings; you can customize mappings, save and load it.
  • supports mouse sensitivity
  • supports motion sensor auto calibration

New features of WiiRemoteFramework are…

  • supports communicating with Exspansion devices (now Nunchuk only)
  • posts notification when Expansion port is plugged and unplugged
  • post notification when battery is low
  • can retrieve calibration data

Enjoy them and please let me know what you notice about these software.

Download from here!