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Intermission - DarwiinRemote for QuartzComposer ;-)

Though I know I have to fix many many problems about DarwiinRemote, I've implemented a QCCustomPatch based on DarwiinRemote for a change (as you know, it's unstable too ;-).

In QuartzComposer, data from Wiimote are analyzed(by JavaScript patch) and converted to AppleScript events. QC sends the event to GoogleEarth to control moving XY, zooming, and rotating.



morgan barnard 2006年12月11日 04:08

I would be very interested to see your quartz composer patch for the wiimote, will you be releasing it?

Hiroaki 2006年12月12日 17:33


hmm... I can, but it is still unstable.
if it's more stable, I will release it. please wait!

Joseph Lane 2007年2月 4日 16:10

I have been working half the night to hack quartz composer support into DarwiinRemote, then I see this page. Is there any chance things are close enough for testing? I could have it working by tomorrow night either way. I'm very impressed by your work, and your code documentation!! Keep up the good work.

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