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Hi all,
Last week, I've submitted my master's thesis.
I go back to develop DarwiinRemote starting from today ;-)
Let me first fix several bugs...


nate 2007年2月12日 11:24

good to see you back. Ive been checking this site a lot lately hoping for your return. I look forward to your further progress - your work so far is very impressive!!

Pete 2007年2月14日 03:51

Thats really good news hope your thesis turns out as well as this project :)

MotherWizzer 2007年2月21日 05:21

Hi & congratulation for your work.

I would like to use your framework, but I know very few things about Bluetooth development and I just start to use Objectiv-C...
So my question is : could you write a little developper guide... (in english please ;O)

I think there is a lot of things to do concerning motion analisys with the wiimote and I want to work on it...


MacTeo 2007年2月21日 21:54

Hi, welcome back!

I'd like to help the DarwiinRemote development, with ideas, artwork and even code ( I'm about to learn Cocoa next month ). I have a PPC mac, so if you need to test some code for the IR bugfixes just mail me. :D

リンク 2007年2月24日 02:14



Emulation Enhancerとか、MacMAMEとかああいった類いのアプリケーションで、ジョイスティック扱いでWiiリモコンが登録できたら、おいしいかも知れない!と思ったまでです...。


Andrew Akira Toulouse 2007年2月25日 09:29

It's good to see that progress on DarwiinRemote will resume.

On that note, a friend and I are working on a wiimote project for a class; do you have a timeframe for when the IR+Nunchuck bug will be fixed? Also, is it possible to hook up two wiimotes simultaneously (I've only casually inspected the source)?

Thank you for your work on DarwiinRemote, and the best of luck to you on your master's.

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