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I have no time... :'-(

In Wiili.org, sound feature in wiimote has been hacked gradually.
Of course, I'd like to implement new version of DarwiinRemote and WiiRemote.framework, and have to fix many bugs (especially PPC bugs).

but now, I have no time to implement them.

Some of you may know that the beginning of the fiscal year in Japan is April (not September).
In addition, I'm now 2nd year master's degree student. So that means I have to write master's thesis (by the end of this January).

Until submitting my thesis, I may not be able to focus on DarwiinRemote project (perhaps I may implement it for changing of pace ;-) ).
Anyway, I will be back soon. Please wait.



Takuya 2007年1月 5日 12:35

Work it Out, Hiroaki!
By Takuya Fukazawa

Hiroaki 2007年1月 7日 03:14

I'd like to ;-)

Pete 2007年1月 8日 12:44

Hello Hiroaki :)

Fantastic work and good luck with the thesis!

Ive just completed a flash bridge using your framework, http://www.freesome.com/node/220 perhaps we can speak further by email if you would like.

Pete 2007年1月10日 11:10


I noticed you must of forgot to call the nunchuk joystick delegate. I added after line 581 in wiimote.m

[_delegate joyStickChanged:WiiNunchukJoyStick tiltX:xStick tiltY:yStick ];

And this works as expected now.

鲸男 2007年1月22日 14:29

Do your best Hiroaki,i believe you will back soon.

Alex Brown 2007年2月17日 01:09

I've updated the QC plugin to use the latest 0.4 framework, email me if you would like it!

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