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DarwiinRemote and WiiRemoteFramework 0.4 have been released!

Hi all,
We've just released DarwiinRemote 0.4 and WiiRemoteFramework 0.4.

New features of DarwiinRemote are...

- supports Nunchuk (sorry still not Classic Controller, but will support soon)
- supports custom key mappings
you can customize mappings, save and load it.
- supports mouse sensitivity
- supports motion sensor auto calibration

New features of WiiRemoteFramework are...
- supports communicating with Exspansion devices (now Nunchuk only)
- posts notification when Expansion port is plugged and unplugged
- post notification when battery is low
- can retrieve calibration data

Enjoy them and please let me know what you notice about these software.

Download from here!


Andrew Conti 2006年12月26日 07:39

Great job, once again. The calibration for acceleration mouse mode is a huge improvement! Keep up the great work!


Oskar 2006年12月26日 10:27

What a great update! Now I'm only missing an option to flip the "Mouse Up/Down" movement. I'm much more comfortable with the mouse going down when I point the remote up, and vice versa. I guess I'm just a flight simulator junkie ;)

Ryan 2006年12月26日 13:18

I was hoping to use this to play Redline (http://www.ambrosiasw.com) over the Holiday break, but no joy. You've done some amazing work so far, but is the joystick data from the nunchuck currently being sent, and is there any way to use that data as an analog control in games? It would be great to be able to play games from the couch on my TV.

lionel 2006年12月26日 13:37

Thanx you for your software, without you on mac, no more wiimote ;) fabulous software in anyway !
i want to say you my feedback:

*could be very nice to not have the mouse blocking on the edges of the screen (even if the wiimote still goiing to that point), to disable the freezes.
*the mouse sensibility is buggy here, it just reduce the screen size were the cursor could't go. (wish it'll work on the next releases for me, cause it's important feature)
*the time to find the wiimote is a bit long, and sometime nothing work, and it's still hard to get the mouse IR working (email me if you want to test anything special)
*very nice idea to get profiles for keys!
*i dont know if you want to add this feature on your software, or if someone want to made it, it could be nice to get a compatibility with glovepie scripts on pc ? (for truely using the nice feature of wimote even if the games or software don't use them for the moment, and if a day they could in the same way of windows to get a compatibility for ports of opensource wiigames, and useability to get a massive wii software in the future)
*perhaps a multilingual wiki for the dev of darwiinremote ;)

thanx for your software!

lionel 2006年12月26日 13:57

*and a filter for the mouse movements (like smoothing the curves, to get a better quality of stability)
*perhaps a way to choose the dpi of the wiimote too, don't know.. (perhaps it's like sensibility...)
*when it'll be very stable, perhaps a prefpane is good too)

thanx again for your dev, i could make graphics if you want' bye'

eric 2006年12月27日 13:04

thanks again for the excellent work.

everything works fairly well. one issue is relaunching the application and trouble getting the mac to recognize the wiimote. clearing the Nintendo RVL-CNT-01 device in bluetooth preference pane is a must. is there a way to have that cleared automatically? can the ir button in the application window be mapped to a button on the wiimote?

matt 2006年12月30日 16:09

i'm having troubles getting mouse IR to work also - i've enabled the IR sensor but the mouse mode still does nothing. :( any ideas?

Hiroaki 2006年12月30日 17:17

in next version, I'm going to release Classic Controller feature ;-)

I see...
Mouse movement feature should be more customizable.
I'm going to consider refinment.
Thanks for your suggestion;-)

sorry, joystick feature is not implemented yet. I will release this feature in next version.
and... I cannot how to send "Joystick event" to other apps.
Is sending mouse movement or key pressing event enough?

Thanks for your feedback;-)

right, I will fix the mouse sensitivity soon.
Is your mac PPC? It would seem that current version of DarwiinRemote cannot send IR mode event to Wiimote properly. I will fix the problem as soon as possible.

There are many "Nintendo RVL-CNT-01" in my device list.
I think clearing device is not necessary.

Please do followings
- clear all Nintendo device in device list.
- press "Set Up New device..." in Devices tab in Bluetooth preference pane (launch Bluetooth Setup Assistant).
- choose "any device" in "Select Device Type"
- press "PassKey option..." and choose "Do not use the passkey"
- press continue .... and register Wiimote.

Is your machine also PPC mac?
I will fix the problem as soon as possible.
please wait.

eric 2007年1月 2日 13:27

i tried those steps and if i leave the device in the bluetooth list, the application has a problem on relaunch-- WiiRemoteDiscovery error (268435459). does that mean anything?

lionel 2007年1月 2日 13:45


((Is your mac PPC? It would seem that current version of DarwiinRemote cannot send IR mode event to Wiimote properly. I will fix the problem as soon as possible.))

thanx for the reply'
yes my mac is a ppc

David 2007年1月 3日 04:22

I still have some problems where my Wiimote won't work inside games that take up the entire screen. Other than that, everything for me works perfectly.

lionel 2007年1月 6日 09:31

every times the wiimote is reconized, but i couldn't use the IR mouse mode or forcefeedback at every time i launch the darwiineremote.

Jason Aldous 2007年2月 6日 19:16

Hello. Thank you for all your hard work. I spent a long time today thinking my home made sensor bar was wrong, turns out it's this PPC bug. I hope you get this fixed soon.

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