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DarwiinRemote 0.3.1 and WiiRemoteFramework 0.3.1 are released!

Hi all,
We've just released a new version of DarwiinRemote.

This version supports battery status and fixes some bugs. Please use this version for all users.
You can download it from here(SourceForge.net)

The most important feature for developers is that DarwiinRemote has been divided into 2 parts, App part and Framework part. Now you can use WiiRemote Framework in your projects independently.
Please check sources of DarwiinRemote and WiiRemoteFramework at sourceforge.net.
If you are interested, develop your projects and introduce us at public forum in SourceForge.net.


SophieStiller 2006年12月14日 03:28

Excellent work.

randogg 2006年12月14日 06:07

incredible work! keep going!

you are opening doors to game and instalation design!

greetings from Chile!

Milki 2006年12月14日 19:57

Thanks for you great work.
But with this version i ve got some bugs :
Impossible to use the ir sensor, the led and the forcefeedback. Nothings happen when i try these functions.
And when i start the app the first led stay on.
I prefert don't deinstall the 0.3 ; )

hisa 2006年12月14日 22:33


yon 2006年12月15日 07:22

Very interesting!

Source does not compile from the xcode project.

Missing WiiRemote.h (and the .m file that goes with it, if one exists).

Is there a simple way to get the Wiimote to pair with OS X and appear as either virtual comm port (serial) or HID device?

eric 2006年12月15日 09:24

hooray! everything worked on the very first try. i am using the wii sensor bar for the ir mouse mode and movement is very very sensitive. clicking while pointing will not be easy for coffee drinkers. after i quit the application, it took a few relaunches to get it going again but it really is fantastic to see it running on my mac mini. thanks for the great work. i look forward to the next version. thanks again.

祈り子 2007年8月26日 22:10


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