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DarwiinRemote is released!

What is DarwiinRemote?

DarwiinRemote Icon

  • DarwiinRemote is a tiny software which reads data from and sends data to Nintendo Wii Remote
    • Inputs
      • 3-axis acceleration sensors
      • all buttons except power button on/off
    • Output
      • 4 LEDs
      • Force Feedback
  • DarwiinRemote allows you to control other applications by using Wii Remote
    • but now only supports "AppleRemote" mode...

How to use DarwiinRemote

  1. Launch DarwiinRemote
  2. Press 1 button and 2 button of your Wii Remote simultaneously
    • Wii Remote becomes "discoverable mode" (4 blue LEDs are blinking)
  3. Log drawer in DarwiinRemote reports "Wii Remote is found!"
    • When DarwiinRemote cannot connect to Wii Remote, disconnect bluetooth connection (press power button in seconds) and restart DarwiinRemote (will fix...)
  4. Have fun!


Key mappings

DarwiinRemote now only supports single mouse emulation and "AppleRemote" mode

Wii RemoteKey mapping
Return (Play/Pause in FrontRow)
Command + Left (Volume Down in FrontRow)
Command + ESC (Enter FrontRow and "Menu" button)
Command + Right (Volume Up in FrontRow)
Page Up
Page Down

To Do

  • Icon andUI (help me!)
  • Key mapping configuration
    • e.g. invoke AppleScript
  • Sensor calibration
  • IR sensor support
  • Extension Port support
  • Speaker support (it seems difficult now...)
  • Gesture Recognition
  • More stable codes ;-)
  • QC Custom Patch ;-)


DarwiinRemote is an UNSTABLE and EXPERIMENTAL software. The author Hiroaki assumes no responsibility whatever for its use by other parties, and makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, about its quality and reliability.

Please play this carefully ;-) 

Special Thanks to

  • WiiLi.org
  • tokkyo (author of WiinRemote)
  • Luke and Mark (reporting button bug)
  • truex (providing icon)
  • of cource Nintendo Wii team


Mii Gotta Wii! 2006年12月 6日 03:56

Great job man! Our Wii blog ( http://miigottawii.com/ ) picked this up along with the other stories about apps coming out of the Wiili work. There's a lot of potential here. Thanks for sharing the source code!

Luke 2006年12月 6日 05:16

Hello Mr. Hiroaki. Thank you for DarwiinRemote! I thought you would be interested to know that the key mappings seem to be different for the Japanese Wii Remote and American Wii Remote. The table below shows the results that DarwiinRemote give me when I press the buttons on the Wii Remote.
When I press    DarwiinRemote says I pressed
up    A
down    B
left    2
right    1
1    right
2    left
home    down
-    +
+    -
A    up
B    down

Mark 2006年12月 6日 05:44

Very neat, but the key configurations are wrong on a powerbook. Hitting up on the remote shows up as A. Hitting D-Pad left shows 1, D-Pad right shows 2. Could this be an endian issue?

Hiroaki 2006年12月 6日 05:53

Hi Wii and Mac Lovers!

> Mii Gotta Wii!
Your site is great!
I'm grad if other developers release great softwares based on my codes ;-)

> Luke and Mark
Thanks for your information.
You are right. It might be endian issue. As you guessed, my mac has Intel CPU.

Though I've inserted bit-flip code, it doesn't work well. I'll fix the problem soon.

Momo The Monster 2006年12月 6日 05:58

Very exciting! I'll be making some Quartz Composer patches too :)

Mark 2006年12月 6日 06:09

I looked at your code and it looks like you don't need to swap the two bytes you're swapping. Removing your call to CFSwapInt16LittleToHost() in the l2capChannelData method gives proper button-reporting on PPC.

Micrll 2006年12月 6日 06:16

Hello Hiroaki!
Thanks for posting this, I don't have access to my wii yet, its at home I head back from college soon.
My question is this:
I understand that its expermental software and buggy, but you said over on the wiili forums that its an application not a driver, so I take it that it does not hook too deep into the OS like a driver would? So if it has issues whats the odds of it hosing a OS X installation?

Mark 2006年12月 6日 06:21

After taking a look, it doesn't appear that you need to flip the 2-bytes you're swapping. Removing your call to CFSwapInt16LittleToHost() in l2capChannelData gives proper button reporting on PPC

truex 2006年12月 6日 06:32

Wounderfull tool ...
I made a little icon it's a mix of apple's remote and the wiimote.


Hiroaki 2006年12月 6日 07:31

Wow, there are many many comments! Thanks all!
and DarwiinRemote 0.1a has been uploaded. enjoy!

> Momo The Monster
o really!
QC is exciting.
I think that some artists might want QCWiimote patch ;-)

> Mark
Thanks again!
I've removed the function and re-build it. (Ver. 0.1a)

and comments in this blog are not appear unless I approve them.
my blog says it but it's in Japanese... sorry.

> Micrll
Hi, Micrll!

DarwiinRemote only uses user space, doesn't use kernel space.

Some guys in the wiili forums want to develop Bluetooth HID driver.
of course there are pros and cons.

once you install the driver, all applications can access the Wiimote instantly.
cpu-friendly. ;-)

because the driver modifies OS X kernel, the OS easily hungs up if the driver is immature.

I'm not sure whether writing driver is difficult or not, but I think "non driver based" is enough. implementation is not difficult ;-)
while VLC supports (or will supports) AppleRemote (http://developers.videolan.org/vlc/vlc/doc/doxygen/html/interfaceAppleRemote.html ), it's also "non driver based"

... does that answer you? i'm sorry my english skill is not so good...

> truex
Thanks for your great work!
I wasted little time in adding your icon ;-)

TC! 2006年12月 6日 09:08

Great start guys.
Can you use something like this wireless sensor bar to get full motion working:

Xpect25 2006年12月 6日 10:39

Awesome! Keep at it, this is the only site I've found that has any project like this- everyone I've shown is fascinated.

Carlosdreyfus 2006年12月 6日 11:30

The mouse movement is not the way a mouse is supost to move, is not proporcional to position, and when you come back to the same position as you where, it wont come back, so this has to be fixed.

When the mouse is moved left it starts to move, when the mouse comes back to the same position it will stay far from where it started. know what I mean?

thank for the app, good work

James 2006年12月 6日 11:37

Nice program. I love it.

Any hope for multimonitor support on the mouse controls? The cursor is stuck on the main monitor.

carlos 2006年12月 6日 11:48

The mouse movement is not the way a mouse is supost to move, is not proporcional to position, and when you come back to the same position as you where, it wont come back, so this has to be fixed.

When the mouse is moved left it starts to move, when the mouse comes back to the same position it will stay far from where it started. know what I mean?

thank for the app, good work

Chris P. 2006年12月 6日 11:59

Just a note: I've found that it's more reliable to establish a connection to the remote if you take off the battery cover and hit the red sync button there versus hitting 1+2.

Also, Hiroaki, don't worry about your English skills. You're doing better than a lot of Americans.

Micrll 2006年12月 6日 13:22

Hiroaki, I totally agree, I personally was wary of going into kernel space with experimental software. Also this implementation is simpler and I can simply quit to turn it off.

Your English is fine, I studied Japanese at my High School and spent 7 weeks in Japan 2 summers ago with a host family. Your English is far better than my Japanese is ...My poor host family I really kill Japanese sentence structure.

Darn I just cant wait to go home next week, school kills me :)

Also its easy enough to resync the wiimote to the wii console after using it with the Mac right?

les 2006年12月 6日 20:10

Any plans to treat the wiimote as an HID device, like a joystick?

les 2006年12月 6日 20:13

Do you have any plans to get this to optionally act like a HID instead of like a mouse? I'd really like to use it as a joystick rather than as a mouse pointer.

Hiroaki 2006年12月 6日 23:01

Hi all,
Thanks for your comments. I'm grad to read them.
Although I wanna develop new version of this, I have to implement other software today...

OK, it's time to reply your comments!

> TC!
the gadget allows us to use IR sensor of wiimotes independently ;-)
Although I'm not sure whether I can build it, this is good info.

> Xpect25
thanks ;-)
plz show this site more and more.

> Carlosdreyfus, carlos
It's because calibration issue.
ver. 0.1a calibrates sensor data using MY Wiimote...
I have to add custom calibration function.

> James
Thanks for your info.
Right. Now DarwiinRemote only supports single monitor.
I'l fix the problem.

> Chris P.
Thanks for your info.
and... hehe. thanks. anyway I have to improve my command of English ;-)

> les
it's an appealing idea. but now I cannot afford to do that...
When I get a spare time, I'll try it.

Hiroaki 2006年12月 7日 07:46

Hi all,

this is also a tiny work, Quartz Composer Custom Patch based on DarwiinRemote codes.

Because of the quality I cannot make it on public, but you can see the movie how it works.


MacUser 2006年12月 7日 09:22

thank you so much. i can't repay you.

neop 2006年12月 7日 11:00

I doesn't seem to be working for me, when I press the 1 and 2 buttons in my Wiimote I get the message:
WiiRemote is found!
could not connect to the WiiRemote...

I tried checking the console log and the error seems to be: "could not open L2CAP channel ichan"

Any idea of why is it not working for me?

Thanks, keep up the good work

Plantain 2006年12月 7日 13:37

You can easily make it execute a custom applescript by adding:
NSAppleScript* appleScript = [[NSAppleScript alloc] initWithSource: (NSString *)source];

to the relevant button controller,
i.e. for the home button

if ((buttonData & kWiiRemoteHomeButton)){
[homeButton setEnabled:YES];

if (!isPressedHomeButton){
isPressedHomeButton = YES;
CGPostKeyboardEvent((CGCharCode)0, (CGKeyCode)55, true);
CGPostKeyboardEvent((CGCharCode)0, (CGKeyCode)53, true);
NSAppleScript* appleScript = [[NSAppleScript alloc] initWithSource: (NSString *)source]

You would of course have to specify which applescript you are loading in there.

Carola Clavo 2006年12月 7日 20:27


I'm sorry I just speak english and spanish. I'd like to design some icon for you, please contact me :)

settimio 2006年12月 7日 21:33

Molto si è parlato in queste ultime settimane della capacità interattiva della nuova Nintendo Wii attraverso i suo comandi a distanza pensati per simulazioni sportive e coinvolgenti testa a testa con avversari virtuali ma ora i controller di Wii possono essere d'aiuto anche agli utenti Mac.

Grazie a DarwiinRemote, il software elaborato da un arguto utente giapponese (tra i primi a poter sperimentare la nuova console) è ora possibile utilizzare i controller per attivare FrontRow e accedere a tutte le capacità multimediali del Mac con ricevitore ad infrarossi (in pratica tutti i Mac con Intel e l'ultima versione dell'iMac con G5).

Siamo ancora alla versione 0.1 che prevede la personalizzazione dei tasti ma l'impegno e gli strumenti dello sviluppatore porteranno sicuramente a dei progressi e magari all'utilizzazione estensiva delle "gesture", i comandi impartiti con movimenti nello spazio che rendono più interessante il gioco con la console per cui i controller sono stati realizzati.

Ed ecco qui i tasti sul controller e la corrispondenza ai tasti per i computer Apple
Wii Remote = Mappatura tasti su Mac
Up= Freccia Su
Down = Freccia Giù
Left = Freccia Sinistra
Right= Freccia Destra
A = Click sinistra
B= Return (Play/Pausa in FrontRow)
- = Mela + Left (Volume Down in FrontRow)
Home = Mela + ESC (Fai partire FrontRow e "Menu" button)
+ = Mela + Freccia Destra (Volume Up in FrontRow)
1 = Pagina Su
2 = Pagina Giù

Per utilizzare il software, completamente gratuito occorre Mac OS X 10.4 o superiore e un Mac con PowerPC o Intel...
Per saperne di più visitate la pagina giapponese/inglese di Hiroaki, partendo da questo link.

da http://www.macitynet.it/macity
il sito Mac e iPod più letto in Italia


truex 2006年12月 8日 02:41

It becomes more an more famous ...

German Mac Newsmagazine

brian 2006年12月 8日 07:04

Not working on PPC, running OS X 10.3.9.

Application will not open.

David Lee 2006年12月 8日 09:12

I am having a problem with this program. All of the click functions work perfectly but the tilt sensing doens't.
When the "wiimote is found" the mouse moves to the bottom right corner of the screen. It is very difficult to move the mouse away from that corner.
Any suggestions???

error406 2006年12月 9日 01:29

thankyou sooo much... btw it works great with neverball. hours and hours of fun =)

thankyou thankyou thankyou!

btw neverball should be here:


Florian 2006年12月 9日 19:18

Will it be possible to use 2 remotes independently, to make the idea of air drumming (like Bob Somers started) work? Must be possible somehow:


BUD 2006年12月 9日 19:26


Hiroaki 2006年12月11日 00:05

I'm sorry for my delay in replying to your comments.


Please download newer version.
I think it is little bit more reliable.

right. It is the best way for controlling other appliction to use applescript.
I will implement that feature.

>Carola Clavo
DarwiinRemote Icon now using is given from truex.
If I need more icon or some UI design, I will contact you.

wow... ;-)

Please download newer version.

>David Lee
Please download version 0.3. It surpports motion sensors calibration method.

thats nice!
Thanks for your info!

Current version doesn't support 2 or more Wiimote.
Now I'm working on it ;-)

Please download from here.

t00cg 2006年12月11日 04:35

I'm trying to use the controller in a game with your library.

I have a lot the following error:
"could not open L2CAP channel ichan"
can you explain what the problem is, when dies happens? thanks for any reply.


ps: as soon as i have something to look at, i will put it on the net - but at the moment there are a lot of other problems

patrice 2006年12月11日 08:25

merci beaucoup...
domo arigato france

Hiroaki 2006年12月12日 13:28

current version is little bit more stabled.
Please use newer version.

next version will be more stabled :-)

Je vous en prie.
Je ne peux pas parler français, pardon...

anyway, I'm grad that many people use our software:-)

andym 2006年12月14日 07:47

We sssoooo need a version of that drum software for mac!!!!

Drew 2006年12月15日 13:08

I downloaded this, whenever I try to launch it, it bounces in my dock for a second, then dissapears, and i get the message, "The application DarwiinRemote quit unexpectedly. Mac OS X and other applications are not affected." and stuff, but it won't open. Help me out please.

Adam 2006年12月15日 14:00

Anyone got the answer to the WIi Mote connection error

===== WiiRemoteDiscovery error (-536870185) =====

to be exact. In older versions i got "WiiRemote is found!
Could not connect."

What's the problem/how do I fix it?

plat00n 2006年12月22日 05:14

i get error:

==WiiRemoteDiscovery error (268435459)==

please help

shadexiii 2006年12月27日 07:23

I'm getting the same error as plat00n.

OS X 10.4.8

dude 2006年12月30日 07:38

i get the same error as those above, although, i had it working, disconnected, and tied to reconnect, and i get errors.

macaholic 2007年1月 2日 14:24

I got the same error as plat00n and shadexiii and dude. It was working then i tried to reconnect and that pops up every time. Any ideas?

qrayg 2007年1月18日 09:54

Classic controller support would be a great addition for those of us that use their mac for games/emulation :)

I love using the Wii remote with DarwiinRemote to play GBA and NES games. Adding support for the classic controller would allow me to play any console game with the remote.

max 2007年2月 5日 07:50

all right i push 1 and 2 and nothing happens is there a way to turn my remote on

Djo99 2007年2月15日 20:48

spricht einer von euch Deutsch???
Have a problem with the programm.
Please answer.(auf Deutsch)
Immer wenn ich meine WIImote anschliesse kommt so ein Fehlercode,ich weiss nicht was ich dann machen soll.Der sagt, das er die wiimote gefunden hat, aber er kann sie nicht connecten!?

Nicom 2007年2月15日 21:24

Hi !

I'm on mac 10.3.9, is it possible to use darwiin ?

Robin 2007年2月17日 03:41


Is it possible to output the motion and button pushes through darwiin remote to an app such as plogue bidule (to be picked up as an HID) or to controller mate to convert to midi? Many thanks, Robin

MacTeo 2007年2月18日 23:45

Is there any chance this people is using your wiimote:framework to make money with thei software? please check it

Click Me

If it is so, they should at least provide the code with their implementation of the software!

Let us know what u can find out! I don't like people stealing open software!

emmett 2007年2月20日 15:06

hey, i was wondering if anyone here has used this software to assign parameters on the wiimote to parameters in music software like native instruments or protools. i'm assuming there's some way to route this to ReWire, but i'm not super computer-tastic so i was hoping somebody might be able to help me.

and, as i'm sure many people have already said, this is amazingly impressive! thanks and keep up the good work!

Takezo 2007年2月21日 23:10

Dear Hiroaki,

Thanks so much for your framework. I just wanted to let you know that I'm working on some interactive video and synthesized music using cocoa and the WiiRemote Framework.

I still have some trouble with getting a stable connection - do you have any tips for retrying the WiiRemoteDiscovery object?
If all goes well and as planned, there will be a performance for wiiremote, cello, and computer synth/video on March 25th, evening at ZAIM in Yokohama, (a building next to the baseball stadium in Kannai)


Können sie das Fehlercode auf English schreiben? Haben sie OS X 10.4? (Sie müssen das haben)

maxtoo 2007年2月23日 03:03

Just wanted to say thanks i'm using the wiimote instead of the apple remote to control frontrow.

I really appreciate the work you've done on this.

Mett 2007年2月25日 16:42

HI,discussion close?

Chris 2007年3月 5日 17:52

Hi, I'm using os x 10.3.9, is it possible to use darwiinremote on it?

max 2007年3月25日 06:34

is there a way to use the microphone in the remote for your computer microphone

Paul Bourke 2007年3月30日 22:06

For your viewing pleasure, the Wii, a MacBook Pro, and an immersive environment.

Carola 2007年4月19日 01:07


Thanks to you! And sorry Truex!! Never wanted to 'override' your work... Sumimasen!


greg 2007年6月 3日 14:22

Excellent software. How do I make the Wii remote rumble?


deshawn 2007年6月 4日 01:49

i cant get the darwin remote program to launch i downloaded it but it dosent work

Luke E 2007年6月28日 03:33

Hello there, Hiroaki

I wanted to tell you I am very impressed with your Wii remote application. I also wanted to say that if you worked on the sensitivity of the remote and fine-tuned the key stroke settings, I would be willing to purchase software like this.

I hope you have time to work on this applications development.


David Bue Pedersen 2007年7月29日 15:59


Would you please consider to implement the feature to dump x,y,z coordinates to a tab-delimited file in DarwiinRemote.

With this feature it would be possible to use the Wiimote to log data from different experimental setups. This could be the acceleration of your car. It could be to measure the behaviour of a yaht going for sails. Only the imagination sets the limit.

The data dumped from DarwiinRemote could be imported in MatLab or Excel for signal processing.

Mithilesh Kumar 2007年7月30日 04:47

I am grad student, trying to modify Darwiin for my project. I want to use multiple controllers and read the acceleration values of each controller. Additionally, it is important for me to know the time interval after which the values from accelerometers are read.

Has anyone tried to do this? I would appreciate if anyone could give me some guidance with regards to these questions.

Thanks - mithilesh

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